Genota Forms 2

 File Menu

The FILE MENU is the first of eight (8) available menus under the MAIN MENU section.
The FILE MENU consists of the following
New Database
Creates a new Genota Forms database.
Opens an existing Genota Forms database.
Facilitates the creation of a Form Template.

Facilitates the Importing of Individuals or Locations from an external source. (Removed in version and replaced in Add Person and Add Locations options)
This option allows the user to repair issues in the underlying database.
Purge Data
Facilitates the removal of information within Genota Forms. This option has two (2) sub-menus:
  •  Delete People          Removes all information related to people from the database.
  •  Delete All Data       Purged all information from the database-
Allows for backing up (archiving) the current database.
Allows for a Backup database file to be restored.
Exit from Genota Forms