Genota Forms 2

Selecting a Database

In order for Genota Forms to operate it requires connection to a database file.
Unless configured under OPTIONS, when Genota Forms starts up the DATABASE SELECTION DIALOG will display offering the three selection options. At this dialog the user click the selection required, and than on the CLOSE button.
Create a New Database
This option allow the user to create a new database to store the Genota Forms data. There is no limit to the number of databases that can be created. This allows the user with complex information management needs to group and keep separate unrelated information.
When this option is selected the user is presented with a file dialog similar to that shown below.
Enter a name for the new database in the input box labeled FILE NAME and click on the SAVE button.
Genota Forms will create the new database and then open it ready to accept information.
Open an Existing Database
To use this option a database must already exist. When selected this option will cause the Open File dialog to display. Navigate to the required database file and click the OPEN button to open the database ready for use.
Sample Database
When selected this option will cause the sample database named sample.db to open. This database contains data enabling the user to understand how Genota Forms stores its information.
Note: Any changes that are made in this database will be saved. Should the standard database be required it can be downloaded at