Genota Forms 2

Create Form Template

The Create Form Template option available from the FILE MENU allows a user to create a form template via the wizard available. This can be done by following the below steps:
1. Select 'Create Form Template' from the FILE MENU. Once this has been done the following screen should appear.
2. Once you have read the introduction, click on the NEXT button.
3. Fill out all relevant fields in regards to the documentation in order to create a Form Header.
Select the relevant category from the drop-down menu available.

This is a mandatory field
Form Title
The title of the form as indicated on the source document.
This is a mandatory field
The name of the publisher or issuing authority.
The time period encompassed by the form.
The location covered by the form. Whilst not designed to accept structured information, it is suggested that the format [Town], [Parish],[State],[Country] be adopted however, it is highly recommended that at least a Country be entered as it impacts on the LOCATION VIEW display.
Please note that the last term in a location text that is separated by a comma (,) is stripped off and used as the country for reporting purposes.
A short description about the form
Once all the relevant sections have been completed, select the NEXT button.
4. The next screen allows a user to add the various elements that may be included in a form.
Select the desired element from the AVAILABLE ELEMENTS column and click the right arrow button to move it to the FORM ELEMENTS column. Repeat until all element to be included on the form appear in the FORM ELEMENTS column.
Should a element be incorrectly moved to the FORM ELEMENTS column, click the left arrow button to return it to the 'Available Elements' column.
Should a new element need to be created, select the NEW ELEMENT button to create a new element
5. Check to make sure that all the elements in the FORM ELEMENTS column are in the right order. If they are not, they can be readjusted using the Up and Down arrows. Once correct, click the NEXT button.
6. The following screen will appear, click FINISH to create your Form Template