Genota 5

Why Genota?

Everybody engaged in family history research goes through the process at some time of asking themselves the following questions;
Where did I read about that?
... And the list goes on.
Many family history software packages on the market today will allow the recording of references to external documents specific to a person. These external documents are often stored in filing systems which are usually accessed through manually maintained indexes or by the application of a referencing system with inherent significance in its structure, sometimes very complex, or by recording a reference at source level.
But what do you do with the tidbits not directly associated with individuals or families? For example, articles on convict living conditions; Ships arriving into Moreton Bay in 1875;
Items that catch your eye on one of the many discussion groups that you subscribe to; The mounting collection of e-mails surrounding a person or family but where there is still insufficient information to confirm your suspicions; A letter from Aunt Mary, etc.
Genota comes into it's own in that it can handle all of these types of information and much more, irrespective of the format, including Items stored on a computer network linked to the computer where Genota is installed. Genota managed information stored on your computer may be readily retrieved and viewed without leaving Genota using standard internal file associations, as can information stored in family history software packages.
Genota provides you, the family historian with the tool which provides as immediate answer to all such questions.