Genota 5

Troubleshooting Guide

Notebook is not available
If a Message appears indicating that a file associated with a Notebook is not available select from  the menu FILE > OPTIONS and select the Data Location
Moving Notebooks
If Genota data is moved to a new location and error messages result, close Genota then:
1. Delete the file Genota.ini . This file can be found in the folder
     C:\Users\Public\Documents\Genota (Microsoft Vista, Windows 7 to  10)  or
     C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Genota (Windows XP)
2. Create the new folder to store Genota information
3. Copy the contents of the existing data folder to the newly created folder. The location and name of the existing Data Location can be found under the FILE > OPTIONS menu
4. Restart Genota
Strange characters or text in Note
Open the Note to view, select the NOTE DETAIL, SAVE the Note, then CLOSE it. Reopen the Note to ensure that the Note appears correctly. If not contact Genota Support