Genota 5

Report Filter

The Report Filter Dialog is used in association with all reports to enable selection of  records based on user requirements
Report Filter

Client area

1. Client area


Remove all active filters

Add to list

Add a new filter to the CLIENT AREA

Edit in list

Edit an  filter displayed in the CLIENT AREA. Click select the filter first

Delete from list

Select to remove a  filter from the CLIENT AREA. Click select the filter first

FIELD drop down

A drop down list of all fields available for selection by the filter

Condition drop down

Select a filter condition from the drop  down list
          If the BETWEEN condition is selected a second VALUE box will display to allow for the entry of start and finish values


The user defined value to filter on

AND option

Enables the addition of an additional filter which must also apply when filtering the dataset, i.e Filter 1 and Filter 2 must both apply
Only records where all conditions apply will be returned

OR option

 Enables the addition of an additional filter which can  apply when filtering the database  i.e Filter 1 or Filter 2 can apply
Results from all filters will be returned

OK button

Accept and apply the filter to the dataset

Cancel button

 Cancel from the operation and close the Report Filter Dialog
Using the Report Filter Dialog
1. Click select the FIELD input box and select the name of the field from the drop down list
2. Click select down arrow of the CONDITION box to select the required search condition
3. Click select the VALUE edit box and enter the value to be filtered on
4. Click Select the ADD TO LIST button to assign the filter as a current filter. The filter will display in the Client Area section
5. If a criteria is to be set on another field, click select either the AND or OR option, then repeat from 1. above
6. Click select the OK button to activate the filter