Genota 5

Optional Information

The OPTIONAL INFORMATION page is used for recording non-specific information related to the note
The labels for the data elements marked * below are controlled by the settings in the NOTEBOOK PREFERENCES. Those shown are the default values
Optional Information

Source *

      Normally used to record the name of a source, or the originator of the information

Repository *

Normally used to record the repository where the source information is held
The name of a repository may be entered directly in the field or selected from a pop-up dialog

Repository Selector

Click select to displays the list of repositories on file from which to select
 This list is populated from the Address Book

Reference *

A user defined reference number for the note.
This value can be auto-assigned if configured as such in the NOTEBOOK PREFERENCES or entered manually
This data element is primarily designed as a reference between Genota and an external filing system
Entering the call number, or file reference of an external file as the Reference ID enables quick access between the two systems