Genota 5

Note Lists

Note Lists

Notebook Select

Select the notebook to be opened from the drop down list then click the OPEN button to the right of the selection box

Page Header

This provides a guide to the page being viewed and its content

Note List

This represents the list of notes held within the notebook sorted by subject
If the people, correspondence, research or documents buttons are selected the NOTE LIST will reflect the information contained rather than a list of notes as shown in the Lists Available
To view the details of a note, either select the required note and then choose the VIEW DETAILS button, or simply double click on the required note

Find Input box

User to enter search criteria to find specific notes

Go button

The GO button initiated  the search process

Note Menu Bar

The NOTE MENU BAR represents a collection of buttons providing the option available from this screen

Status bar

Grab the corner by holding down the left mouse button to resize the screen