Genota 5

Note Header

The NOTE HEADER contains the basic information required by each note
The labels for the data elements marked * below are controlled by the settings in the NOTEBOOK PREFERENCES
Note Header


The category assigned to a note. Select from the drop down list or add a value manually.
The drop down list is populated from the CATEGORY MASTER and any values manually added are written to the CATEGORY MASTER as well

Subject *

This field is normally used to record the subject matter or title by which the note is to be referred
THIS IS A MANDATORY FIELD and is used in many views and reports as the primary sort element


Used to record the note creation date or the event date, depending on user requirements
 It may be entered manually or by selecting the required date from the popup calendar by clicking on the button to the right
Refer to the topic Entering Dates for issues related to dates


Used to record the Individual ID, i.e. The unique identifier assigned to an individual in most family history software packages
This must be a numeric value

Family Link button

If a Family File is linked to the Notebook,  the FAMILY LINK button will appear to the right of the IID.  Click selecting this button causes the PERSON VIEW to open displaying the known details on the linked individual, if a valid IID has been entered.
If a value of 0 is displayed the FAMILY LINK MASTER VIEW will display instead 
The FAMILY LINK button will only appear once the note has been saved

Active Note

Check this box to tag the note as active, i.e. It is subject to current activity

More/Less Button

This button causes the OPTIONAL INFORMATION fields (the last three  lines of the NOTE HEADER) to either be visible or hidden.
 - Click on the button when the button label reads MORE the optional lines will become visible.
 - Click on the button when the button label reads LESS to hide the optional lines.