Genota 5

Note Details

This is the screen where all information on a specific topic can be recorded as a note
Multiple note can be opened at the same time  to enable comparative analysis and to cut and paste information between them if required
At the top of each NOTE DETAILS screen appears the SUBJECT assigned to the note
Note Details

Note Header

The NOTE HEADER contains the basic information required by each note

Optional Information

<TODO>: Insert description text here...

Section tabs

The section tabs enable the movement between the various sections comprising the note
The sections are:

Note Toolbars

The NOTE TOOLBAR is a collection of editing tools available to the user when creating a note


A rich text editor for recording the core information of the note

More/Less Control

This button causes the OPTIONAL INFORMATION fields (the last three  lines of the NOTE HEADER) to either be visible or hidden.
 - Click on the button when the button label reads MORE the optional lines will become visible.
 - Click on the button when the button label reads LESS to hide the optional lines.

Person button

Displays the INCLUDED PERSONS  dialog to enable the adding of Individuals to a note

Correspondence button

Displays the CORRESPONDENCE  dialog to enable the adding of Correspondence items to a note

Documents button

Displays the DOCUMENTS  dialog to enable the adding of Documents to a note

Research button

Displays the RESEARCH ITEM  dialog to enable the adding of Research items to a note

Save button

Save changes to the note to file

Web Search button

This button provides a drop down list of Internet searches that can be conducted on any text selected in a Note
If two words separated by a space are selected, they will be treated as being the components of a person name
The list of Internet searches available are as follow:

Close button

Close the note and return to the NOTE LIST
If any changes have been made to the record a confirmation dialog will display if the information has  not been saved

Status Bar

Grab the corner by holding down the left mouse button to resize the screen