Genota 5

File Menu

File Menu

Refresh Notebooks

This option reloads of data from the underlying database. Use this option when information appear to be incorrect or is not being displayed.
If the problem is not rectified using this option contact Genota Support


Configure the data locations, visual look and feel plus other options which apply to all aspects of the program
For Notebook specific options use Notebook Preferences screen found under NOTEBOOK MANAGER >  EDIT

File Maintenance

File maintenance is the rebuilding of data files and index structures to ensure data integrity and remove garbage information from within the underlying database.
Three (3) sub options are provided from this menu:

Backup All Files

This option enables the creation of a backup file containing all current Genota Data Files for transfer or security It DOES NOT backup  images and documents, or the like that are linked to Genota.
During the backup progress a message to the effect is displayed in the Status Bar located at the bottom on the screen.

Restore All Files

Restore data from a backup file. This option will cause an Open File dialog to display enabling navigation to, and selection of the backup file.
WARNING: This option will cause all existing data to be overwritten.

Print Setup

Open the print setup dialog to enable printer configuration if required


Close Genota data files and exit from the application