Genota 5
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Family Link

The Family Link is used to display family file records from a supported family history software package linked to a Genota Notebook. Each Notebook can be linked to a different family file and thus managed independently.
To link a family file two (2) constraints must be met;
Linking Family Files
Family files are linked at Notebook level through the Notebook Preferences screen located with the Notebook Manager.  This method has been adopted to allow users to link to different Family Files (maybe from different sources) to each Notebook.
10 steps for linking Family Files to Notebooks
Identifying Family Files
Family files for most software packages can be identified by their file extensions. For the software support by Genota these are:
Supported Software
File Extension
Legacy Family Tree
The Family Link
The Family Link contains two (2) views, the Master View and the Person Detail screen for displaying information releated tot he FAMILY FILE
At least one (1) Note must be created within a Notebook linked to Family File before the Family Link Master View can be displayed
Accessing the Family Link Screen from the Notebook
Once a family file has been linked to a Notebook,  if an IID value exists the full  details on a person as stored on the FAMILY FILE can be viewed by selecting the FAMILY LINK button
If the IID displays a value of zero (0) the FAMILY FILE VIEW will be displayed instead.
If an IID other then zero (0) exists but the persons details are not returned go to the FAMILY FILE VIEW screen and re-establish the link with the Note.
If known, the IID may be entered manually. For Legacy Family Tree users, the IID is synonymous to the RIN.
Legacy Family Tree is a registered trademark of Millennia Corp, USA