Genota 5

Family File Master View

Family File Master View

Find input box

Enter a value in the FIND input box to filter the list of Individuals by that value
All columns are used as search targets, i.e Entering a search criteria  will return all records containing that value wherever it appears in any of the column in the shown in the list
To remove a filter delete the value in the FIND Box
This search is not case sensitive

List of Individuals

The list of all individuals in the FAMILY FILE sorted by  surname, then other name. If a value appears in the FIND box then the list will only display records contianing that value.

View Details

Display the full details of the selected person as shown below
            Click on the tabs at the top of the screen to view relevant information
This layout and functionality of the PERSON VIEW  is dependant on the family history software which has been linked to Genota. Shown is the display when linked to a Legacy Family Tree (Legacy) family file.   Other software packages will result in differently configured layouts.

Create Note

Create a new NOTE with the selected person being the Subject. The ADD NOTE dialog will display enabling ancillary information to be included.

Link to Note

Assigns the IID for the selected person to the  active note when the FAMILY LINK button was selected

Add to Note

Add the selected person as an associated person to the currently active note
It is recommended that only a single note be open if this option is used otherwise an incorrect link may result

Send to Excel

Output the individuals in visible in the list to an Excel formatted spreadsheet.