Genota 5

Change Log

Changes in 5.1
•TRANSCRIPTION module upgraded to include:
  - OCR capability added enabling the extraction of text from image files
  - Transcribed or extracted information maintains its formatting when saved using the CREATE NOTE option 
  - Upgraded editing tools
• More/Less button added to NOTE screen enabling diplaying/hiding optional header information
• Locations now shared by all modules
•Menu options ADD NOTE calls the note to  enable editing
Changes in 5.0
•TRANSCRIPTION module facilitating the transcription and extraction of information from images any PDF file
•The facility to create a NOTE from within the TRANSCRIPTION module
•New licensing method
•ADD SOURCE option to the Source pick list facilitating the creation of new sources on the fly
•Menu options ADD NOTE, ADD SOURCE, ADD CONTACT, ADD LOCATION, ADD CATEGORY providing a quick access for adding records
•New MAPPING module facilitating a quick lookup for locations on Google Maps. The module is also accessible from within the LOCATIONS module
•Add to the LOCATIONS module the facility to retrieve the latitude and longitude for a location from the internet
•Removed the URL buttons from the BROWSER screen and replaced by user defined links
•A facility to bookmark URLs visited within the BROWSER MODULE
•A facility to select a NOTEBOOK from a drop down list eliminating the need to visit the NOTEBOOK MANAGER
•Open multiple NOTES as well as copying and pasting between NOTES
•New NOTE header form when creating NOTES so that multiple NOTES can be added without the requirement to add NOTE DETAILS
•Replaced DATE functions to auto format. The existing DATE fields have been changed to accept the date in free form format and will auto format based on the input data
•BACKUP ON EXIT option in the configuration module
Changes in 4.1
•Major redesign resulting in improved access and functionality
•Redesigned CATEGORY screen
•Redesigned LOCATIONS screen
•Redesigned SOURCES screen
•Redesigned and enhanced ADDRESS BOOK screen
•Redesigned NOTEBOOK MANAGER screen
•Fixed FAMILY SEARCH search from within a NOTE
•Redesigned OPTIONS screen
•Redesigned BROWSER screen
Added in 4.0
•Sources Module added to enable the recording of source information which can then be associated with multiple repositories
•Wildcard search capability added to all search input boxes
•Ability to search across all Notebooks or within the current Notebook with a single inquiry
•Ability to import external documents into a Note  and to export Notes to an external file
•Select and copy any range of grid cells to spreadsheets, text files, etc
•Ability to assign default Notebook to be launched at startup
•Ability to split as well as merge Notebooks
•Individual notes can be moved between Notebooks
•Family Files linked to Notebooks are displayed in the Notebook Manager
•Extended configuration options, including:
•New report selection dialog
•Ability to print direct, preview or output as PDF all reports.
•Turn on/off onscreen hints
•Internet update facility
Changes in 4.0 from 3.2
•Standard Browse For Folder dialog implemented in lieu of the custom dialog
•New registration dialog with option to purchase on-line
•Evaluation period altered from 20 uses to 15 days
•Redesigned interface
•Note Editor updated to include:
Ability to insert tables
Coloured Text, Text Background and Paragraph Background
Symbol insert dialog
Improved font handling
•Report previews default to page width
•Improved date editor
•Addition of Delete confirmation dialogs throughout
•All modules open in browse view instead of form view enabling all records to be viewed at module startup
•Option to select internal or system default web browser
•All reporting options have been moved into their respective module
•Notebook specific and global configuration options now as two (2) separate facilities
•Upgraded database and report engines.