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Filter Dialogs

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The Report Filter Dialog

The Report Filter Dialog (shown below) is used in association with all reports to enable selection of  records based on user requirements.

To Use:

1.Click select the FIELD input box and enter the name of the field to be included in the filter, or choose form the drop down list.
2.Click select down arrow of the CONDITION box to select the required search condition
3.Click select the VALUE input box and enter the value to be filtered on.
4.Click Select the ADD TO LIST button to assign the filter as a current filter.
5.If a criteria is to be set on another field, click select the AND or OR option, then repeat from 1. above.
6.Click select the OK button to activate the filter.


If the Between condition is selected for 2. above it allows for the entry of start and finish values.


Select the Clear button to remove all active filters.


The (Panel) Filter Builder Dialog


The Panel Filter Builder dialog is opened by click selecting the CUSTOMISE button located on the FILTER PANEL.

                                        Filter Builder Dialog


The four (4) components of the Selection Criteria. from left to right are:


1. Filter Type button - Enables the selection of AND /OR types.

2. Field List - A drop down list of fields to which the filter may apply.

3. Filter Condition - A drop down list of conditions that can be used to filter items.

4. Value Box - An input box for entering the value to filter on.

Using the Filter Builder






Add a Condition




Select the Field to filter

Click on the FIELD LIST button and select the field to which the filter is to be applied.



Select the Condition

Click on the FILTER CONDITION display a drop down list of available criteria given the field type selected. Click select the criteria to be applied.



Enter the search Value

Click select the VALUE BOX and enter the value to search on.


The filter will use the value entered for searching, eg if LSO is enters only the literal LSO will be searched for,  except where a wild card is used.




Place an asterisk * before and or after text to search on part words, Examples are:


*ROWN will search for anything ending in ROWN, eg BROWN.


BROW* will search for anything starting with BROW, eg BROWN.


*OW* will search for anything containing with OW, eg BROWN.


The underscore character (_) can be used as a wildcard character for a single letter, e.g BR_W would search for both BREW and BROW.


Adding additional criteria



Click select PRESS THE BUTTON TO ADD NEW CONDITION and repeat the steps 2 - 4 above.


Unlimited criteria may be selected however if too complex the search time may become lengthy on large files.



Removing Filter Criteria

Single Criteria only


Click select the FILTER TYPE button  then select REMOVE ROW to clear the filter criteria.


All Filter Criteria


Click select the FILTER button located in the top left of the dialog and the select CLEAR ALL from the drop down list.

It is essential that any filters that are applied are cleared when finished with as only a subset of the information will be available to use.