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Using the Search Facility

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Implemented across all Genota modules is a full text search facility. This allows for records to be found based on one or more words in any order, or location within a range of fields in a single pass. The advantages of this are:


One doesn't need to know what field to use when searching as the search is conducted across all primary fields. Refer to Search Fields below for a list of fields included in a search.
Case is of no importance when entering search values.
Partial words can be used if suffixed by an asterisk (*), e.g.  convi* would search for Convict, convicts, conviction, etc.
Multiple words can be entered in any sequence, e.g. 'convict jones'  produces the same results as 'Jones convict'. The more words the narrower the search. Each word must be separated by a space.


How to find a Record

Where search capabilities are available within a module an input box labelled SEARCH FOR will display in the Module Bar. In the example we are search for a note referring to CONVICTS.


Enter the word or words to be used for the search into the SEARCH FOR box and then click select the GO button to start the search.

Additional search options are found in the Notebook module as detailed below.


If no match is found a dialog similar to that displayed below will appear.



If a match is found the Search Results view is displayed listing all matched records, similar to that shown below.


Click select on a row to view the details.


If the record is not that required, click select the SEARCH RESULTS button on the Sidebar or select VIEW | SEARCH RESULTS from the Module Bar to return to the Search Results view and select a different record.


Notebook Specific Options

Unlike all other modules within Genota, the Notebook module may contain one or more Notebooks. New to Genota 4 is the ability to search across all Notebooks or only the active Notebook. To enable this the GO button contains a drop down list providing options available.


If the CURRENT NOTEBOOK option is selected the search functions the same as for other modules.
If the SEARCH ALL NOTEBOOKS option is selected, the search will be conducted across all Notebooks within Genota and return matching records where found. As with the standard search, click select the record to view and if the record is not in the active Notebook a dialog similar to that following will display seeking confirmation to switch to the Notebook containing the record to be viewed.


Search Fields

The following represents the complete list of fields included when conducting a search in Genota.



Fields Included in Search


File Reference
Note Details


Address Book

Organisation Name or Surname
Other or Given Name
Contact Point



Full Title
Abbreviated Title