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Genota uses five (5) toolbars for navigation as detailed below.


1.View Bar


This toolbar duplicates the functionality of the Views Menu option at the top of the screen in that it provided access to all main modules within Genota.


2. Module Bar


The Module Bar controls all functions available to the user within the selected module. Typical of these is the Notebook Module Bar displayed below.

At the left hand end of the Module Bar can be found the menus applicable to the active module, in the centre the search box and on the right hand end the Module Navigator.


Using the Module Navigator


The Module Navigator comprises nine (9) buttons to assist in the moving through records,  or locating records.

From left to right in the illustration above the Module Navigator buttons are:


1. First Record : Go to the first record in the file.

2. Prior Record: Move to the previous record in the file.

3. Next Record: Move to the next record in the file.

4. Last Record: Go to the last record in the file.

5. Save Bookmark : Bookmark (or tag) the active record for later reference.

6. Go to Bookmark: Move to the bookmarked record.




The Sidebar is displayed along the left hand side of the screen to provide direct access to the various views within a module. The illustration below is for the Notebook modules and the options displayed will differ with each module.



4. Section Toolbar


The section tool bar is located at the top of section pages within the Note Details and Repository Details views. Typically a Section Toolbar appears similar to the following:



The functions for each Section Toolbar are detailed within the relevant Section pages.