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Part of the problem in finding resources is tracking them down if required again at a later date. The primary function of this section is to record all resources held by repository, whether it be an archive, library, with an individual, or elsewhere. Often, some resources are held at multiple locations and keeping track of these locations can save invaluable research time. An unlimited number of resources can be recorded against each Repository, with each resource entry containing;


The name of the resource.
The period covered by the resource item.
The Call Number or File Reference assigned to the resource item by the Repository.
The Storage Location of the item within the repository. This helps to eliminate pouring through indexes, etc. to identify something if used previously.
Up to 64,000 characters of general notes related to the resource item.


Additional information on a Resource can be stored in the Sources Module          

Resources List


The Resources page (similar to that displayed below) lists all Resources held by the active Repository and is accessed by selecting the RESOURCES Tab at the bottom edge of the Repository Details view.

                                             Resources List


This page comprises two (2) components:




1. Section Bar


Displays the Resources Maintenance dialog in Add mode ready to accept input.


Displays the Resources Maintenance dialog showing details for the active Resource in Edit mode.



Removes the selected Resource from the file.

Show Notes

This button causes any notes attached to a Resources to be displayed below the details row and the button caption will change to read HIDE NOTES. Click select again to HIDE the notes row and reset the button caption.



If the active Resources address is a URL the INTERNET button will open the default Web Browser at the address shown.


2. Primary Workspace

Displays a list of all Resources recorded. Refer to the section Grid Panels for details on rearranging columns.


Resource Maintenance


Maintenance of Resources is managed through actions taken at the Section Bar. By selecting the ADD or EDIT buttons the Maintenance dialog as displayed below will become active. Down the right side of the view are a collection of buttons typical to Input Dialogs.

                                Resource Maintenance Dialog


When adding a new resource item, it may be inserted from information held in the Sources Module instead of manually adding it,  by click selecting the INSERT Button.


This action will cause the Available Sources List to appear displaying all available sources held in the Sources Module. Scroll down the list,  choose the required item, then click on the SELECT button, or press the right mouse button to select and return the information to the Resource  Maintenance dialog.


Where there are multiple resources for a single address record use the Copy button at the top right of the dialog to duplicate the record displayed in the dialog and change the information as required.