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Repository Details

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The Repository Details is used to record all information relative to each Repository held on the Address Book. The design is based on the tabbed notebook concept and is comprised of four (4) sections. The sections are:




For recording the Repository header information


Contact Points

For recording  unlimited points of contact within aRepository



For recording an unlimited number of resources held by a Repository



For recording general information related to the Repository. It will support up to 64,000 characters


When the Repository Details view in opened the HEADER and CONTACT POINTS sections comprise the default view as shown below.

Repository Details View

Repository Details View



Whilst the HEADER remains constant when viewing the Repository Details,  the lower section of the primary workspace, the SECTION VIEW will change to reflect the active Section.


To view Sections other than the HEADER, click select the appropriate SECTION  TAB.                                                               


Sections  Views  are not accessible until the Repository Header has been created and saved.