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Genota employs a variety of reports, each of which is accessible by selecting the Reports option from the Module Bar within each Module, then selecting the required report from the Report Selector dialog.


                  Notebook Report Selector


As Genota's Reports are module based, the Report Selector will only display those reports specific to the active module.

To produce a report:


1. Click select on the name of the report then select either:


Prints the report directly to the default printer

Displays the report in print preview mode.

Creates an PDF format version of the report.


2. Some reports will offer the choice of records to print by means of the Report Filter dialog. Enter the selection criteria to generate the report.


3. Configure the information to be displayed by checking the appropriate boxes on the Optional Components dialog, if displayed. Again, the options available are subject to the report being produced.


Click select print to generate the report.