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Registering Genota

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Genota is provided with a default license limiting it to 15 days use before expiring. Full unrestricted use beyond this period requires registration of the product through the purchase of a Product Key.


If unsure of your license status full details can be obtained through selecting the menu option HELP | ABOUT.


Entering the Product Key

1. On receiving a Product Key from launch Genota and at the Welcome dialog.


Family History organisations  need to send to the MID value shown directly above the REGISTER button; exactly as displayed, the name of the Secretary and complete contact information for the society, to obtain their free license to Genota.

2. Click select Register to access the registration screen.


3. Enter license details as provided by Ausgen.



The user name as shown in the license details.

Product Key

The Product Key as provided with the license details.


Select from the drop down list the Package shown in license details



4.Click select the UNLOCK button to activate the registration. Click select the CLEAR button to clear all input fields.


Benefits of registration


Unrestricted use of Genota
Unlimited free minor updates.
Discounts on all future major releases and other Ausgen products.
24/7 e-mail support with guaranteed 24 hour response.



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telephone: +61 2 4621-3600