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Genota is a multifaceted software application specifically designed to facilitate  the collection and organisation of what seems to be the endless array of information collected by family historians and genealogists alike during their research, whether it be in electronic form or transcribed from archive resources, letters, e-mail, etc.


It is designed around a collection of user defined Notebooks (databases) ,all sharing a common Address Book, Category manager and Source manager. The deluxe version also includes Genota Forms (also available separately). Each Notebook is capable of holding an unlimited number of notes together with all associated references, people and links to supporting documentation, correspondence, research requirements, and effort undertaken.


Key Features


Create separate notebooks for family groups, subject topics, etc.
Linked to selected family history software packages.
Family files can be linked to specific notebooks.
The number of notes that can be stored is only limited by the computer resources.
Ability to record all persons, their roles and events related to a notebook entry
Provision to analyse all occurrences of a name across a notebook
Fully featured correspondence log with the ability to store full details of the correspondence
Facility to record and report on items requiring additional research 
Link and display associated computer base files
Full text search within a Notebook or across all Notebooks.
Move Notes between Notebooks.
Split Notes off to create new Notebooks on the fly
Centrally managed categories accessible by all notebooks.
Supports user defined file numbering system as well as system generated references.
Centralised address book available to all notebooks.
Facilities to record multiple contacts or contact points for each address book entry
Facility to record all resources stored by an address book entry, together with call number and storage location
Facility to keep a record of all Sources and all repositories where held.
Option to use the inbuilt or the system default web browser.

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