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Notebook Preferences

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The Notebook Preferences View is used to define properties specific to a Notebook and is accessed by selecting EDIT | NOTEBOOK PREFERENCES from the Notebook Manager Module Bar or click selecting NOTEBOOK PREFERENCES on the Notebook Manager Sidebar.


Three (3) aspects of a Note can be modified through this option.

Notebook Preference View

Notebook Preference View





Family File Details

ApplicationSelect from the drop down list the name of the Family File file format.

Family File Location : Select the Family File to by linked to the Notebook. Click select the button at the right hand end of the input box to open the file browse dialog. Using the dialog, navigate to the family file which is to be linked to the Notebook.  Select the file and then press the Open button. The path to the family file will be displayed in the input box if successful.

Screen Labels

This section provides for redefining the four (4) Notebook Header fields to better suit the intended use of the Notebook. Screen Names may be up to 12 characters in length.

Note: Changes to screen names currently do not appear in reports.

File Reference Configuration

This section provides the facility to structure the file numbering (referencing) applied to each Note. By assigning a value in each or any of the five (5) input boxes a unique identifier can be constructed for each, and may be designed to reflect a referencing method currently in use for storing external documents or the like.


Allows up to four (4) characters to be used as a prefix for the reference.


Allows up to a six (6) digit number to be used as the starting point for the file numbering.

As the Start Number is used by Genota to build the File Reference it is recommended that once defined it should not be  changed.


Allows up to four (4) characters to be used as a suffix for the reference.


The delimiter (separator) to be used to separate the Prefix, number and Suffix portions of the File Number.

Auto Assign

Check the Auto Assign box to assign Note References based on the defined structure to all newly created Notes.

Changes to the Notebook Preferences are saved by selecting the CLOSE button.