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Notebook Manager View

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On selecting the Notebook Manager option from the Notebook Manager view, as shown below, is displayed.


Notebook Manager View

Notebook Manager View


Note : If no Notebooks have been created the Notebook Manager view will display as a blank screen headed by the Notebook Manager Module Bar.

The Notebook Manager view comprises three (3) primary regions:




1. Module Toolbar


Open Notebook : Opens the selected Notebook for use. Either double click on the name of the Notebook to be opened or click select a Notebook name, then select OPEN.

Load Sample Notebook : Click to install the Sample Notebook.

Default Notebook : This button enables selection of a Notebook to open when Genota is launched, eliminating the need to visit the  Notebook Manager each time.

This option has a drop down submenu with following options:

Set Notebook as Default : Tags the selected Notebook to be the default Notebook. When in Notebook Manager View the default Notebook (if tagged) will display a check mark in the default column alongside the Notebook name.

Clear Default Notebook : Removes the tag from the default Notebook.

Only one (1) Notebook be assigned as the default at any one time. To change the default Notebook select the SET NOTEBOOK AS DEFAULT option. There is no need to select CLEAR DEFAULT NOTEBOOK first.

Notebook Preferences : Click to display the Notebook Preferences view for the selected Notebook.

Rename Notebook : Enables the renaming of a Notebook. Select the Notebook to be renamed then select RENAME NOTEBOOK. A dialog will be returned requesting the new name for the Notebook. Enter the NEW TITLE then select OK.

A confirmation dialog will be then displayed to ensure that the action is required.


To cancel from the operation at any time, select the CANCEL button.

Empty Notebook : This function removes all Notes and ancillary information associated with the selected Notebook, but does not remove the Notebook

Delete Notebook : The delete operation removes all Notes and ancillary information associated with the selected Notebook, then removes the Notebook from the system.

Merge Notebooks : This facility allows two (2) Notebooks to be merged into a single Notebook with the option to delete or retain the source Notebook. An internal check is performed to identify duplicate notes prior to the merge and these are automatically eliminated from the processing.

The duplication check is at present limited to Note Details only. It does not examine associated files such as the correspondence log, included persons, etc.

The Merge process is performed in 3 steps, being;

1. Select the Source Notebook: Select the Notebook to be used as the source (that to be merged), then the option  MERGE NOTEBOOKS | SELECT SOURCE.

2. Select the Destination Notebook: Select the Notebook to be used as the destination (or receiving Notebook), then the option MERGE NOTEBOOKS | SELECT DESTINATION.

3. Perform the Merge : Select MERGE NOTEBOOKS | PERFORM MERGE. This option is only accessible once both the Source and Destination Notebooks have been selected.

A confirmation dialog will next appear to ensure that the correct Notebooks have been selected. Select the YES to commence the Merge or NO button to cancel the operation.


When the merge is complete, the dialog will display confirming the action taken.


The action MERGE NOTEBOOKS removes the Source Notebook completely.


Create New Notebook

Enter a name for the Notebook in the NEW NOTEBOOK box, then click the Create button.

When the Notebook has been created a dialog will display advising that the action is complete,similar to that below.

It is highly recommended that only the space or underscore ( _ ) characters be used in lieu of non-alphanumeric characters.

2. Sidebar


Open Notebook [see above]

Notebook Preferences [see above]


3. Primary Workspace


Displays a list of all Notebooks, associated Family Files and the default Notebook tag. This list is sorted on Notebook name by  default. To sort the list click select a column header box.


Selecting Notebooks


In the centre of the screen is a panel listing all Notebooks available for use. If this list is empty it means that no Notebooks exist and at least one (1) Notebook will need to be created before Genota can be used.

To select a Notebook, either click select on the name of the Notebook, or move the selection bar in the Available Notebooks panel by using the cursor keys until it appears over the required Notebook name, then press the Enter key.


Many of the functions above can be accessed from a popup menu activated by pressing the right mouse button (RMB).

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