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The Notebook Manager

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The Notebook Manager is designed for the management of Notebooks used by Genota, the module providing full access to the Creation, Renaming, Merging and Deletion of Notes.


In addition, the Sample Notebook can be installed and Notebook specific properties established  via this module.

This Notebook Manager may be accessed by three (3) methods:


1.   Selecting  FILE | OPEN  from the Main Menu,

2.   Selecting MODULES | NOTEBOOK MANAGER from the Main Menu, or

3.   Click the NOTEBOOK MANAGER button located on the View Toolbar (if displayed).



No limit is placed on the number of Notebooks that Genota can hold however it is highly recommended that some thought go into the intended use and names given to each Notebook. Ideally, Notebooks should be mutually exclusive in their intended use, i.e. they do not overlap. Should it be impossible to place definitive boundaries on the use of a Notebooks, it may be prudent to place all of the information into a single Notebook and sub-group the Notes by assigning more specific CATEGORIES to each Note.