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Research Log

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The Research Log is used to record items to be researched associated with a Notebook entry. The information recorded can include;


The name of the repository holding the research item.
The title of the item to be researched.
The call number for the research item
A check box to flag whether the item has been research.
The date that the research item was checked
The results of the research effort.


The Research Log


The Research Log page (similar to that displayed below) is accessed by selecting the RESEARCH Tab at the bottom edge of the Note Details view. 

                              Research Log (with Research Results shown)


This page comprises two (2) components:




1. Section Bar


Displays the Research Maintenance dialog in Add mode ready to accept input.


Displays the Research Maintenance dialog showing details for the active Person in Edit mode.



Removes the selected Research Log entry from the file.


Show Results

This button causes the results of all research linked to an Research item to be displayed below the details row. The button caption will change to read HIDE RESULTS when pressed. Click select again to HIDE the research details and reset the button caption.


2. Primary Workspace

Displays a list of all Research recorded. Refer to the section Grid Panels for details on rearranging columns.


Research Maintenance Dialog


Maintenance of the Research Log is managed through actions taken at the Section Bar. By selecting the ADD or EDIT buttons the Maintenance dialog as displayed below will become active. Down the right side of the view are a collection of buttons typical to Input Dialogs.

                                         Research Dialog


When adding a new research item a resource may be inserted from information held in the Address Book instead of manually adding it  by click selecting the INSERT Button or a Repository only by selecting the button at the right of the REPOSITORY field.


This action will cause the Available Resources List to appear displaying all available resources in the Address Book. Scroll down the list,  choose the required item, then click on the SELECT button to return the information to the Research  Maintenance dialog.


To quickly find a Repository in the Available Resources List click in the Repository column then press the keys representing  the Repository name and the cursor will jump to the first matching record to the key combination entered.

Sort the Available Resources List by clicking on a column heading. Click a second time to reverse the sort order.


                                        Available Resources List


If the Research Log screen is open while adding an item, the entry will be displayed in the background but will not be saved until the Save Button is pressed.