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Included Persons

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Included Persons is used to record the details of all persons associated with a Note, not only those individuals that are being researched or listed on a Family File. e.g. a witness to a marriage, the doctor on a convict ship, etc.  If all associated persons are recorded Genota becomes an extremely useful tool for tracking and analysing information based on such aspects as:


Having similar names
Attendance at events and the roles they played at those events
Ages at events in their life


Included Persons List


The Included Persons page (similar to that displayed below) is accessed by selecting the PERSONS Tab at the bottom edge of the Note Details view.

Included Persons List

Included Persons List


This page comprises two (2) components:




1. Section Bar


Displays the Included Persons Maintenance dialog in Add mode ready to accept input.


Displays the Included Persons Maintenance dialog showing details for the active Person in Edit mode.



Removes the selected person from the file.

2. Primary Workspace

Displays a list of all persons recorded. Refer to the section Grid Panels for details on rearranging columns.


Included Persons Maintenance


Maintenance of Included Persons is managed through actions taken at the Section Bar. By selecting the ADD or EDIT buttons the Maintenance dialog as displayed below will become active. Down the right side of the view are a collection of buttons typical to Input Dialogs.

                                  Included Persons Dialog


In the above example, a note relating to the transportation of William Heffernan in 1847 has been recorded, taken from information found on a website and added as an Included Person for later analysis.


If there are many persons to be entered sharing similar names, events, dates, etc use the Copy button at the top right of the dialog to duplicate the record displayed in the dialog and change the information as required. If the identifier for the person as used by an associated Family File, is known, it should be entered in the IID field to establish a link to the Family File and be accessible from the Person Analysis View.