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The Note section is  the primary facility for recording note information within a Notebook and provides basic text editing facilities to enhance the readability of the Note contents or to highlight key aspects.


The functions provided through the Editor Toolbars are similar to those found in many text processing software applications.


                                                        Editor Toolbars


To use the Editor Toolbar first select and highlight a block of text and then click on one of the buttons listed below.

Editor Toolbar Functions

Cut or remove the highlighted text.

Bullet the current paragraph.

Copy the highlighted text.


Insert Symbol into text.

Paste into the text from the clipboard.

Insert Table.

Undo the last action.

Delete Table.

Redo or Undo the last Undo action.

Table Properties.

Select All

Search for text string within the Note Details.

Left Justify the current paragraph.

Replace a text string within the Note Details.

Centre Justify the current paragraph.

Print preview the current Note Details with option to Print.

Right Justify the current paragraph.

Select the font for the selected text.

Full Justify the current paragraph.

Select font size for the selected text.

Increase Indent.

Text colour.

Decrease Indent.

Text Background colour.

Make Bold the highlighted text.

Paragraph background colour.

Make Italic the highlighted text.

Import an external file at the cursor position.

Underline the highlighted text.

Export the Note to an external file.

Strike through the highlighted text.

Toggle Editor Ruler on or off.

Number the current paragraph.