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This section is used to record optional, non-research specific information related to a Note to meet user requirements.


                                     Note Detail : General Section


The default settings for this view as shown above are:


Source *

Normally used to record the name of a source, or the originator of the information.


Repository *

Normally used to record the Repository where the source information is held. The name of a Repository may be entered directly in the field or click selected from a drop down list accessed by clicking on the button to the right of the field. The drop down list is populated from the Address Book.


Reference ID *

Manually enter a File Reference or leave the box empty to insert a system generated reference.


This data element is primarily designed as a reference between Genota and an external filing system. Entering the call number, or file reference of an external file as the Reference ID enables quick access between the two systems.



Fields marked with an asterisk  * may be renamed as required from the Notebook Manager | Preferences , Screen Names option.