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Correspondence Log

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The Correspondence Log is used to record all incoming and outgoing correspondence associated with a Notebook entry. Details of the correspondence that can be recorded are:


Direction of the correspondence
The person whom the correspondence is with
The method of correspondence. A drop down contains a list of more commonly used methods for selection.
The date that the correspondence was received or sent
The date that the correspondence was replied to
A facility to record  the full details of the correspondence, or to enter notes pertinent to the correspondence . Up to 64,000 characters may be  stored for each item if correspondence.


Correspondence Log


The Correspondence Log page (similar to that displayed below) is accessed by selecting the CORRESPONDENCE Tab at the bottom edge of the Note Details view.  The default display lists all correspondence associated with a specific note in date sequence.

                                           Correspondence Log (with Details shown)


This page comprises two (2) components:




1. Section Bar


Displays the Correspondence Maintenance dialog in Add mode ready to accept input.


Displays the Correspondence Maintenance dialog showing details for the active Person in Edit mode.



Removes the selected Correspondence Log entry from the file.


Show Details

This button causes the details of all correspondence to be displayed below the details row. The button caption will change to read HIDE DETAILS when pressed. Click select again to HIDE the correspondence details and reset the button caption.


2. Primary Workspace

Displays a list of all Correspondence recorded. Refer to the section Grid Panels for details on rearranging columns.


Correspondence Maintenance Dialog


Maintenance of the Correspondence Log is managed through actions taken at the Section Bar. By selecting the ADD or EDIT buttons the Maintenance dialog as displayed below will become active. Down the right side of the view are a collection of buttons typical to Input Dialogs.



                                   Correspondence Dialog


If  the icon in the centre of the Details field is shown in bold it indicates that information is contained in the Details field. Press the down arrow to the right of the text box to display the information. To enable better viewing of the information, the box containing the information can be stretched as required by dragging the box to the size required while holding the left mouse button down on the bottom right corner of the box. Release the mouse button when the required size is reached.


If the Correspondence Log screen is open while adding an item, the entry will be displayed in the background but will not be saved until the Save Button is pressed.