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Location Master

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The Location Master is the primary repository for all location information used within Genota and the Location Master View is as shown below.


Locations Master View

Locations Master View



At the left of the of the view is a collection of buttons for managing Location information. Starting from the top these are:


Data Element



Displays the Location Maintenance dialog in Add mode ready to accept input.


Displays the Location Maintenance dialog showing details for the active Resource in Edit mode.


View Map

Opens the Google Maps at the highlighted Location within the nominated browser .


Facilitates the removal of duplicate locations by displaying the Merge Location dialog.


Removes the selected Location from the file.


Closes the Location Master View.



Location Maintenance

To add, edit or copy the details of a Location. This is managed through the Location Maintenance Dialog as shown below.  The functionality of this dialog is the same as the input dialogs in the Modules.


Merging Locations

The Location Merge Dialog, as shown below, is designed to facilitate the merging of locations, be it because a duplication is identified or maybe because of a conscious decision to manage near locations under a  common place name.