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Installing and Updating Genota

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Genota 4.x is provided as a single installation file named Genota4_Setup.exe.


The standard install package is provided with a default license limiting execution of the application to 15 days of unrestricted use. A Product Key is required to use Genota beyond this period. Refer to the section 'Registering Your Software' for registration details


If installing the download edition, go to the location where the file Genota4_Setup.exe was saved and double click on the file's name. The installation wizard will guide you through the rest of the installation process. If unsure as to where the file is located, from the Windows Desktop select START |  SEARCH and then select ALL FILES AND FOLDERS. Enter 'Genota4_Setup.exe' in the box labelled ALL OR PART OF THE FILE NAME and select 'MY COMPUTER' from the drop down list in the box labelled LOOK IN:. Select SEARCH. When the search returns the file, click select on the file's name to commence the installation.


For CD-ROM release, insert the CD-ROM into drive and the installation process will commence automatically.


On completion of the installation process the installation folder will contain the following files:


      ..\Genota.exe      - the Genota executable

      ..\Genota.dll        - the Genota License

      ..\license.rtf         - license agreement

      ..\readme.rtf        - last minute information and general notes

      ..\genota4.chm    - html help file

      ..\genota4.pdf     - user manual *

      ..\reports\**        - Genota report files

      ..\html\**             - Genota html files


* the user manual is only provided with the CD-ROM Edition, however it is available for download from the Genota website.

If the default installation options are chosen, these files will be located in the folder c:\Program_Files\ausgen\genota.

Updating Genota


The most current release of Genota is always available the Genota website.


As new builds are released all registered users are notified via the Genota mailing list of the changes. The details for all builds are also published on the Genota Forum.


To update Genota select INTERNET | CHECK FOR UPDATES from the Main Menu and the Update Wizard dialog will display. Follow the prompts shown on the dialog to update Genota.