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Running Genota for the First Time

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The first time that Genota is run the Welcome dialog as shown below will display. This dialog offers three (3) options:



Register               Activates the registration dialog to enable registered owners of Genota to enter their license information.


Purchase On-line    Causes the default browser to launch and display the Genota On-line purchase page. On closing the web browser select CONTINUE TRIAL to proceed until the license information is received.


Continue Trial        Allows users to continue evaluating Genota for up to 15 days.


Select the Storage Location for Data Files

Genota requires that you nominate a folder into which the data files will be stored. The location of the folder does not matter as long as it is accessible to Genota.


For new installations a confirmation dialog as shown below will display asking if the default directory (folder) should be used.


Select YES to use the default location, i.e. The same folder as where Genota is installed.

Select NO to browse to, and select an alternate location.



If an alternate folder is required, the BROWSE FOR FOLDER dialog (see below) will display. browse to, and select the folder into which the Genota Notebook files are to be stored.



If a new folder needs to be created place the cursor on the directory tree at the location where the new folder is required and click select the button Make New Folder. Once created, rename as required.

Click select the name of the folder to be used for storing the Genota data files then click on the OK button to continue. Should the CANCEL button be selected Genota will terminate.


Once the data folder has been assigned, Genota is ready for use and the introduction screen will display.

Create the first Notebook

To create the first Notebook either select:

     the NOTEBOOK MANAGER button from View Bar, or

select MODULES | NOTEBOOK MANAGER at the Main Menu.

The Notebook Manager controls all aspects related to the creation, configuration and deletion of notebooks. For further information refer to the section Notebook Manager .