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Family Link

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The Family Link is used to display family file records from a supported family history software package linked to a Genota Notebook. Each Notebook can be linked to a different family file and thus managed independently.


To link a family file two (2) constraints must be met;


1. The family history software must be supported by Genota.
2.The path to the family history software data file (family file) is established in the NOTEBOOK PREFERENCES.


Linking Family Files

Family files are linked at Notebook level through the Notebook Preferences screen located with the Notebook Manager.  This method has been adopted to allow users to link to different Family Files (maybe from different sources) to each Notebook.


10 steps for linking Family Files to Notebooks.


1. Click select Notebook Manager from the main menu.
2. Select the Notebook that you want to link your Legacy Family file to, i.e. highlight it.
3. Click select Preferences to open the Notebook Preferences. Notebook Preferences are Notebook specific.
4. At the section headed Family File click the drop down button and select the appropriate software file format to be linked.
5. Move to the next line labeled Family File Location and click select the Browse button to the right of the field.
6. Navigate to the location of Family File to be linked.
7. Select the Family File, then click select the Open button to return the file name and path to the Notebook Preferences screen.
8. Click select the Close button at the bottom of the Notebook Preferences screen to return control to the Notebook Manager.
9.Click select Open to access the selected Notebook.
10.When the Notebook view is next displayed the Family File button will appear at the bottom of the sidebar. Click select to view the Family File.


Identifying Family Files

Family files for most software packages can be identified by their file extensions. For the software support by Genota these are:


Supported Software

File Extension

Legacy Family Tree


Relatively yours 3

Select any file in the RY3 data directory, eg. Name.db.

The Family Link

The Family Link contains two (2) views, the Master View and the Individual View screen.


Below is the Master View which displays all records on the family file sorted by Surname, then Given Name. Click select FAMILY FILE from the  Notebook Sidebar to  access.


At least one (1) Note must be created within a Notebook linked to Family File before the Family Link Master View can be displayed.

The Family Link : Master View

Family Link - Master View

Family Link - Master View


1. To move through the Master View either use the scroll bar at the right of the screen or the navigation button at the top right of the screen.


If when using the scroll bar the bottom of the file is not accessible use the Navigator. To maximise performance a finite number of records are loaded from the Family File to the Master View at a time. The Navigator will cause additional batches to load whereas the scroll bar will not.


2.At the bottom centre of the screen is the Master View Filter. Enter a filter criteria as for the Filter Panels then click select the button to apply the filter to the list of names; and .  the button when labelled clear. If no match exists a blank screen will result.

  If a filter has been enabled, the button text will change to the literal CLEAR. To remove a filter click select the button  to release it.


3.To view the details on an individual first select by highlighting the required line, then double click the left mouse button or click select the DETAILS button.


4. At the bottom left of the screen are 3 options for attaching Persons to Notes. These are:


Create a note for the (selected) person

Using this selection will create a new Note for the person highlighted in the Master View, with the persons name as the subject and IID. The Note should be completed as appropriate and saved.


Link (selected) person to the current note

Choosing this option causes the IID for the person highlighted in the Master View to be attached to the current Note, thus creating a link between the Note and the Family File.


Create (selected) as an Included Person

Choosing this option causes the IID, Surname and Given Names for the person highlighted in the Master View to be copied to the Included Persons for the current Note, thus creating a link between the Included Persons and the Family File.




The options above are also accessible by pressing the right mouse button to display the Family View pop up menu as shown below.


The Family Link : Person View

This layout and functionality of the Family Link : Person View  is dependant on the family history software which has been linked to Genota. Shown below are some screens displayed when linked to the information from sample family file that accompanies Legacy Family Tree (Legacy).   Other software packages will result in differently configured layouts.


Click on the tabs at the top of the screen to view relevant information.


Person Details

Person Details

Accessing the Family Link Screen from the Notebook


Once a family file has been linked to a Notebook, individual's records in the family file may be accessed from the Note Details screen when the  FAMILY LINK button is clicked. This will appear to the right end of the IID field as shown below;

Click on this button to display the persons details in the Family Link : Person View. If the IID displays a value of 0 then the FAMILY FILE | MASTER VIEW will be displayed instead. Should an IID be given but the persons details are not returned go to the FAMILY FILE | MASTER VIEW and re-establish the link with the note.


If known, the IID may be entered manually. For Legacy Family Tree users, the IID is synonymous to the RIN.

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