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Converting from Genota 3

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If updating from Genota 3.x, all existing Notebooks will need to be converted for use with Genota 4. Before undertaking the conversion process it is highly recommended that all files be backed up and securely stored.


Converting Genota 3.x Notebooks is a four (4) step process:


1.Select the menu option TOOLS | CONVERT FROM GENOTA 3.
2.Click select OK at the confirmation dialog.
3.Navigate to, and select the folder in  which the Genota 3.x folders are stored.
4.Click Select the OK button to commence the process.


If you have many large Notebooks this process may take a little time to complete.





All Genota 3 data paths must be valid - Run the 'Reset Data Path' option in Genota 3 then close Genota 3.
Ensure that NO Notebooks exist in Genota 4 with the same name as those in Genota 3. -If so delete  the notebook(s) from Genota 4 or rename them.
Open each Genota 3 Notebook to ensure that their file structure is up to date.
It is recommended that Genota (last version) is installed.