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Contact Points

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Contact Points is designed for recording all points of contact within a repository. .An unlimited number of entries may be made for each repository and the information recorded can include;


The Contact Point; Within Genota this represents any point of contact for a repository. For an organisation it may be an individual or a department.
The Contact Point type to provides instant recognition of the contact method employed, A drop down list of the more common types is available.
The Contact Point Address. This may be an e-mail address, telephone number, postal address, URL etc.
A general note of up to 64,000 characters for each contact point.


Contact Points List


The Contact Points page (similar to that displayed below) lists all Contacts for the active Repository and is accessed by selecting the CONTACT POINTS Tab at the bottom edge of the Repository Details view.

                                              Contact Points List


This page comprises two (2) components:




1. Section Bar


Displays the Contact Point Maintenance dialog in Add mode ready to accept input.


Displays the Contact Point Maintenance dialog showing details for the active Contact in Edit mode.



Removes the selected Contact Point from the file.

Show Notes

This button causes any notes to a Contact Point to be displayed below the details row and the button caption will change to read HIDE NOTES. Click select again to HIDE the notes row and reset the button caption.



If the active Contact Point address is a URL the INTERNET button will open the default Web Browser at the address shown. If it is an email addresses the default email client will open ready addressed.


2. Primary Workspace

Displays a list of all Contact Points recorded. Refer to the section Grid Panels for details on rearranging columns.


Contact Point Maintenance


Maintenance of Contact Points is managed through actions taken at the Section Bar. By selecting the ADD or EDIT buttons the Maintenance dialog as displayed below will become active. Down the right side of the view are a collection of buttons typical to Input Dialogs.

                           Contact Point Maintenance Dialog


Where there are multiple contact points for a single address record use the Copy button at the top right of the dialog to duplicate the record displayed in the dialog and change the information as required.