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The Options view allows the user to configure Genota according to their preferences.


To access to the Options view, as displayed below by selecting TOOLS | OPTIONS from the Main Menu.


Changes to the configuration are managed by click selecting the check boxes alongside the required parameter. If checked the parameter is set, if blank it is inactive

The Options View





Display Properties

Use Large Icons

Check to use of large icons on the View Toolbar.



Display Grid Lines

Check to display the gird lines on all grid style panels.



Display Grid Bands

Check to apply alternating coloured bands to rows of data on all grid style panels.



Group List Views

Check to display all list views grouped by the primary field instead of the simple grid panel style.


Note Editor

Default Font Size

Enter a value representing the default size font to be used when creating notes. The Genota default is 10.



Default Notebook Font

Select form the drop down list the default font to be used when creating notes. The Genota default is Arial 8.



Show Hints

Check to display pop-up hints.



Display dialog on Exit

Check to display the confirmation dialog when exiting Genota.



Maximise at Startup

Check to maximise the screen at start-up.



Use External Browser

Check to use the default external web browser instead of the Genota Web Browser.


Click select SAVE to store the configuration changes.