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Changes from Genota 3.x

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Genota 4 has been totally rebuilt from the ground up resulting in improved performance and flexibility


New Features

Sources Module added to enable the recording of source information which can then be associated with multiple repositories

Wildcard search capability added to all search input boxes

Ability to search across all Notebooks or within the current Notebook with a single inquiry

Ability to import external documents into a Note  and to export Notes to an external file

Select and copy any range of grid cells to spreadsheets, text files, etc

Ability to assign default Notebook to be launched at startup

Ability to split as well as merge Notebooks

Individual notes can be moved between Notebooks

Family Files linked to Notebooks are displayed in the Notebook Manager

Extended configuration options, including:

Display grid in alternating coloured bands

Ability to show or hide grid lines

Ability to display all grids in Grouped Mode by default

Turn on/off onscreen hints

and more ...


New report selection dialog

Ability to print direct, preview or output as PDF all reports.

Keyboard status indicator panel

Internet update facility


Changes from 3.2


Standard Browse For Folder dialog implemented in lieu of the custom dialog

New registration dialog with option to purchase on-line

Evaluation period altered from 20 uses to 15 days

Redesigned interface

Note Editor updated to include:

Ability to insert tables

Coloured Text, Text Background and Paragraph Background

Symbol insert dialog

Improved font handling


Report previews default to page width

Improved date editor

Addition of Delete confirmation dialogs throughout

All modules open in browse view instead of form view enabling all records to be viewed at module startup

Option to select internal or system default web browser

All reporting options have been moved into their respective module

Notebook specific and global configuration options now as two (2) separate facilities

Upgraded database and report engines.