Genota Forms 2
  • Introduction
Genota Forms is a research assistant for family historians enabling the storage and management of form and/or list type information in a single application. It allows the user to link people, locations and documents  to forms, enabling common links to be readily recognised or extracted for further analysis.  
Underlying Genota Forms are Templates which define the Forms available for use.A starter set of Form Templates is provided with Genota Forms to assist users familiarise themselves with the program, and users can create  their own Form Templates, replicating the structure of original documents, or to record information specific to their own requirements, using the Form Template Wizard. Against these Templates the family historian can transcribe certificates and the like, or load raw data from an external file.
Form Templates can be modified and information can be reordered as required with no loss of information. This, coupled with the ability to search on any data element within a Form, and the capacity to link locations, people and documents to each Form, or multiple Forms, means that information is never far from the user's finger tips.
We at Ausgen Family History Services are committed to ensuring Genota Forms meets your expectations and we welcome your feedback in helping us develop and maintain a high quality, truly user oriented product.
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