Genota Forms 2
  • Error Messages

Error Messages 

Should a problem occur when using Genota Forms, first check if a suitable solution has been provided below. If none of these provided solutions assist in resolving the problem, please email detailing the problem and what action was being performed at the time that the error occurred.
 The database selected cannot be accessed and Genota Forms will close
    This message results whenever a database cannot be located or accessed by Genota Forms.
    The most common cause being a database name not entered at the file dialog when selecting CREATE NEW DATABASE or OPEN EXISTING DATABASE options.
   If under OPTIONS | DEFAULT DATABASE a path to a database is displayed, ensure that both the file path and the database exist.
 Backup failed
   This message will only appear where something has prevented the backup process to be completed. Possible causes for this include;
      -       Locked database
      -       Missing database name
      -       Invalid or inaccessible backup folder
   If after ensuring that the backup folder as defined under OPTIONS | BACKUP FOLDER  existed and the folder properties are not set to READ ONLY, or if the backup folder is located on a Network Storage Device (NAS) that the NAS is accessible by the network.
Compatibility View
The maps window is based on Internet Explorer 10 and according to Microsoft,  Compatibility View, is a feature that affects how some websites are displayed. If Compatibility View is enabled for, it may cause some of the new Google Maps features to display incorrectly.
How to fix the issue
To view Google Maps correctly, remove from your list of sites that have Compatibility View enabled.