Genota Forms 2


Genota Forms is divided into 4 primary sections:
•   Workspace
•   Main Menu
•   Forms Navigator
•   Quick Buttons
Both the Workspace and the Quick Buttons change depending on the section that is being viewed.
Screen Layout
Each screen within the Genota Forms is similar in layout and functionality. The illustration below provides a general overview of the menu layout used.
                                                 General Screen Layout
The FORMS NAVIGATOR is the primary navigation tool within Genota Forms and may be hidden or visible according to the users requirements through the TOOLS menu.
It provides quick access to the 5 primary sections of Genota Forms. The five (5) main sections are:
•   Forms
•   People
•   Locations
•   Documents
•   Form Elements
These sections are also accessible via the VIEW MENU
 Forms Navigator
Below is displayed a typical VIEW WORKSPACE, in this instance that for the FORM TEMPLATES.
Screens of this nature are comprised of five (5) sections as labelled in the illustration.
Form Navigator
Provides quick access to the 4 primary sections of Genota Forms
View Header
Provides feedback identifying the current view. In some instance a SEARCH button will appear at the right hand end of this panel
Record List
Represents a list of all records on file, relevant to the current VIEW. Lists are normally grouped by category  or type and may be displayed in either a compacted  or expanded format subject to the setting configured at the OPTIONS screen
Quick Buttons
A collection of buttons to access functions applicable to a VIEW.
View Navigator
A collection of buttons that operate not unlike those of a VCR that enable movement through the list. From left to right the buttons represent:
•   Top of the List
•   Previous Page
•  Previous Record
•   Record position and number of items on file
•   Next Record
•   Next Page
•   Bottom of List
•   Bookmark a record
•   Go to the Bookmarked record