Genota Forms 2

Search Menu

The SEARCH MENU is the fourth of eight (8) available menus under the MAIN MENU section and is the primary avenue for
searching within Genota Forms.
To conduct a search  the following steps are to be carried out.
1. Click on the Search Menu from the MAIN MENU section and the SEARCH SELECTION DIALOG as shown below will display.
2. Select the type of search to be performed by selecting from the options available in the section headed SEARCH ALL.
3. In the box below the caption FOR THE VALUE ..., enter a search value, or click on the icon at the right hand end of the input box to display a selection list relevant to the search being performed similar to that shown below.
The SELECTION LIST displayed is typical of that returned if the FORMS ASSOCIATED WITH A PERSON option is selected. A similar selection list appears for the option, FORMS BY LOCATION.
Within the selection list either scroll to find the person or location required, or alternatively enter a value (or part word) in the search box that appears below the list and click on the magnifying glass icon to filter the pick list to the range of possible selections. Should the required record be found, click on the line to highlight that required, then click on the  button to return the value as the search criteria to the SEARCH SELECTION DIALOG and close the selection list.
If no appropriate entry is available within the selection list, click the CANCEL button to close the list and return to the SEARCH SELECTION DIALOG.
4. Select the Search button to perform the search.
5. If any items within Genota Forms are found meeting the search criteria the SEARCH RESULTS window will open displaying all matching records.
Shown above are the results of a FORMS BY ELEMENT VALUE search on the string 'john'. To view the details of a Form related to a search result, double click on the selected record in the SEARCH RESULTS window or highlight the record and click the SELECT button.