Genota Forms 2


Registration of Genota Forms is mandatory for continued use however Genota Forms can be run for 14 days without purchasing a Registration Key.
First Time Use
On first starting Genota Forms the user is presented with the PRODUCT REGISTRATION dialog as illustrated below.
Should the CANCEL button be selected the 14 day evaluation period will commence.
If a full license has been purchased please have the details nearby and select the REGISTER button.
The REGISTRATION SCREEN contains three (3) fields; LICENSED TO, PRODUCT KEY AND ACTIVATION CODE. All of these fields must be filled exactly as they appear in the license notification.
Complete all fields then click on the REQUEST KEY to commence the registration process.
If everything is entered correctly and verified, the registration details will by sent via the internet to the AUSGEN LICENSING SERVER when the ACTIVATE button is clicked and the PRODUCT REGISTRATION SCREEN will close.
If an internet connection is not available at the time of registration the details will be sent the next time Genota Forms is launched when an internet connection exists.
Should for whatever reason activation of Genota Forms fails, immediately contact detailing the problem and steps taken.