Genota Forms 2


By selecting the People option section from either VIEW MENU or the FORMS NAVIGATOR, it changes the Genota Forms workspace to the People view (as below).
This view allows for a user to see all the persons that have been added to Genota Forms. There are seven (7) columns titled:
The Quick Buttons available from this screen are:
Add a new person record to file
Copy, edit and view the currently selected person
Delete Selected Person
 Delete the selected individual.
 A person cannot be deleted if linked to a Form
Display Linked Forms
Displays a list of all forms that are linked to the selected person. From this list details of the Form can be viewed, edited or printed.
Merge two (2) person records into a single record
Group By Surname
Display all persons grouped according to their surname
Export Display To Excel
Export all information  to a Microsoft Excel® formatted spreadsheet