Genota Forms 2


The OPTIONS screen enables a user to customise the settings and preferences of Genota Forms. When selected the OPTIONS screen appears as below:
The OPTIONS screen is split into 3 sections. They are as follows:

Display Options

Maximum Columns for Display
Enter a value to represent the number of columns to display when viewing Forms attached to Templates.
Set to zero (0) to force al columns on the Form to display.
Show Lists Expanded
Check this option to display the Locations, Persons and Elements lists in Expanded format.
Uncheck to display compressed with only the group heading visible initially.
Show Grid Lines
When selected horizontal grid lines become visible in all list views.

Dialog And Form Options

Open Window Maximised
When selected, Genota Forms will be maximised to the users screen size when it opens.
Open At Form List
When selected, the TEMPLATES VIEW is automatically shown when Genota Forms is opened.
When selected, this will allow Genota Forms to automatically create a backup each time the program is closed.
Disable Exit Dialog
When selected, the exit dialog does not appear upon exiting Genota Forms

Data Locations

Displays the name of the folder where the Template Exchange data is stored.
Default Database
Allows the user to select the default Genota Forms database. If a database path is shown here then that database will open by default when Genota Forms is started. To remove the default database, erase the information in this field.
Backup Folder
Allows the user to define a folder in which to store backup files.