Genota Forms 2

Create a New Form

When a user needs to create a new form within a template, it can be done by following the below steps:
1. Select the ADD A NEW FORM quick button. Once clicked, the following screen will appear:
2. In the DETAILS column, enter the information that is relevant in regards to the corresponding element from the ELEMENT column.
3. If applicable, enter a user reference in the USER REF text box. This may be a reference for any purpose, e.g. the location of the master document in a filing cabinet.
4. If applicable, add any additional notes by selecting the NOTES tab.
5. Once all the relevant information has been entered into the form, select the SAVE button to save the form.
After saving the form two (2) additional TABS labeled ASSOCIATED DOCUMENTS and IMAGE will appear at the top of the screen in addition to two(2) buttons at the bottom of the screen, LINK PERSON and LINK LOCATION.


Selecting the ASSOCIATED DOCUMENTS TAB facilitates the recording the specifics of any external documents, images or the like related to the form.
1.To add  an ASSOCIATED DOCUMENT click on the NEW button to display the ASSOCIATED DOCUMENT SELECTION DIALOG as shown below.
2. Select a document from the list of those available by double clicking on the document title or highlight the document title and either pressing the ENTER key  or on choosing the SELECT BUTTON.
If the required document does not appear on the list, select the ADD button to display the ASSOCIATED DOCUMENT dialog
and complete the fields as required. Press the SAVE button when complete.
The Name or Title for the document.
 This is a mandatory field.
Reference #
Enter a Reference Number peculiar to the document where required.
Enter the document source, e.g. From where did it originate? Where was it obtained from?
Enter the physical location of the document. If it is a 'hard copy document' record where it is stored. If the document is stored on the computer click on the FOLDER ICON at the right of the input box and navigate to the document, image or the like.
2. To add additional documents, repeat steps 1 and 2.
3. When finished click the CANCEL button to return to the FORM ITEM VIEW where all documents will be listed under the ASSOCIATED DOCUMENTS tab.
4. To view the contents of an ASSOCIATED DOCUMENT, select the document in the list and click the OPEN button. This will cause the document to open using the default application for that file type installed on the computer.


Selecting the IMAGE TAB facilitates the loading of an image of the FORM into GENOTA FORMS. Only one (1) image can be loaded against each form.
1. To load an IMAGE, two (2) options are available:
Each of these options are accessed by clicking on either the  LOAD or SCAN button, as appropriate.
To load an Image click the LOAD button and the OPEN FILE dialog will display. Navigate to, and select the image to be loaded, then click the OPEN button to return the image to the IMAGE WINDOW.
To scan an image click the SCAN button and the SELECT SOURCE dialog will display. This dialog will display a list of all available scanners connected to the computer. Select the scanner to use and click the SELECT button to display the scanner PREVIEW WINDOW. This  window will vary with each make of scanner.
Follow the instructions for the scanner on using the PREVIEW WINDOW. When ready to transfer the image into GENOTA FORMS, click the SCAN button in the PREVIEW WINDOW.      
Once the image is displayed in GENOTA FORMS, the cursor will move to the TITLE box. Record in the box a title (or name) for the image and click the SAVE IMAGE button to store the image to file.
2.  To export an image stored in GENOTA FORMS click the EXPORT button and a SAVE IMAGE TO FILE dialog will display. By default, the 'Image Title'  as defined in GENOTA FORMS will be entered as a suggested filename. If necessary, change to something more suitable and click the SAVE button.
3.  By default all images are automatically resized to fit the current window size. To view the image at full size, uncheck the box labelled AUTOFIT TO WINDOW. If the image is larger than the current window size, it will expand beyond the image window and scroll bars will appear to the left and bottom of the image window  to enable repositioning of the image.
4. If a section of the image is difficult to read, the image may be zoomed by one of four (4) methods:


1. To link to an individual on the PERSON MASTER, click on the LINK PERSON button to display the SELECTION LIST containing all records from the PERSON MASTER, as displayed below.
2. Search for the person to link to the Form, select, and then click the LINK button.
3. Once the first person is linked to the FORM, the LINKED PERSON TAB will appear. Click on the tab to display all linked persons.
4. To link to an individual on the LOCATION MASTER, click on the LINK LOCATION button and then follow the steps for 11 through 13 above.



To unlink a person or a location from a form, select the linked person or location to be removed and then press the DELETE key.