Genota Forms 2

Merging Person Records

When MERGE PERSON RECORDS is selected from the PERSON VIEW quick buttons inside the forms workspace view it allows the user to merge the details of two (2) persons together. This can be done by following the below steps:
1. Click the MERGE PERSON RECORDS from the PERSON VIEW quick button and the following screen will appear
2. Click the SELECT PERSON 1 button and then select the first person from the following screen
3. The information for the first individual will populate the empty fields in the MERGE PERSON RECORDS screen as shown below.
4. Click on the SELECT PERSON 2 button and repeat steps 2 and 3. The MERGE PERSON RECORDS screen should appear as follows:
If there are any Notes attached to either person a second tab will appear on the screen.
5. Select the data to be merged from the Person 2 record into the Person 1 record by ticking the relevant check boxes
6. Click the MERGE INFORMATION Button to merge the information selected into the Person 1 record and delete the Person 2 record from the database.