Genota Forms 2

Help Menu

The HELP MENU option is the last of the eight (8) menu options available under the MAIN MENU and provides access to a range of facilities to assist the end user in using Genota Forms 2.
The following options are available
Online Help
Opens the on-line Help Manual for Genota Forms 2
Check For Updates
Allows a user to check, download and install updates for Genota Forms 2 as they becomes available. When selected, the following dialog will appear:
Click the CHECK FOR UPDATE button to connect to the internet and if a more recent version is available a dialog will display requesting whether to proceed with the download.
Click the YES button to start the download
Once the download is complete the standard installer will become active enabling installation of the newer version.
About Genota Forms
This menu option brings up the 'About' Dialog that provides information across 3 tabs.
Product Version
Provides information in regards to the version of Genota Forms and license status.
The structure of the version identifier is:
[major version][minor version][version release][build]
Contact Information
Provides the contact information for Ausgen Family History Services
License Agreement
The license agreement.