Genota Forms 2

Form Templates

By selecting the Forms option section from either VIEW MENU or the FORMS NAVIGATOR, it changes the Genota Forms workspace to the FORM TEMPLATE VIEW (as below).
This view allows for a user to see all the Form Templates that are currently available within Genota Forms. The are divided by category and showing both the title, period and location of each form.
The Quick Buttons available from this screen are:  
Allows a user to create a new form template
Allows a user to copy, edit and view the currently selected template
Delete Selected Template
Allows a user to delete the currently selected template
Allows a user to view any forms attached to the selected template
Import External Form Data
Allows a user to navigate to and import external form data from an outside source using the Import Wizard.
Important: If after loading an external file, the data is not displayed for against the form, is it most likely that a blank field has been picked up inadvertently when mapping the external file to the form template. To remedy, select DISPLAY TEMPLATE, click the EDIT button and then the SAVE button without changing the form.
Saves the selected template to the Template Exchange
A user can also double click on any Form Template within this view in order to open the form.