Genota Forms 2

Add Form Element

This menu option is selected via the ADD MENU when a user needs to add a Form Element to Genota Forms. This can be done by following the below steps:
1. Select ADD FORM ELEMENT from the ADD MENU and the following dialog will appear:
2. Fill in the the fields with as much information as is available
The name representing the Form Element
The description of the Form Element
Select the group to which the Element best fits from the drop down menu.
The options available are:
  •  Date
  •  Gender
  •  Location
  •  Name
  •  Occupation
  •  Other
  •  Reference
  •  Text
  •  User
  •  User Defined
If a group type is not listed, it may be entered manually and added to the list.
3. Once all the available information is entered into the relevant fields, click the save button.